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If you have minor children, you will want to carefully consider who would raise them in the event you do not live until they are adults. In many states, this is a separate document from your will, so both a will and a nomination of guardian of minor children is required as part of your estate plan.


even with proper Powers of Attorney in place it is important to think about who you would wish to be your guardian if the need ever arose. There are two types of guardianship: guardianship of the person and guardianship over the estate. A guardian of the person makes primarily health-related decisions, and a guardian of the estate makes primarily financial related decisions. If powers of attorney are not put in place, guardianships may need to be appointed, both for decision-making purposes, and sometimes for your protection. By preparing a nomination of who you would appoint as your guardian(s) if the need arises, you avoid the possibility that someone whose interests don’t actually align with yours gets appointed your guardian by a court. 



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