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Digital estate planning lawyer McKinney

Digital estate planning lawyer McKinney

In the current era of digital technology, it is crucial to consider the destiny of your online presence and belongings after your demise. This is where digital estate preparation becomes important. As a digital estate preparation attorney in McKinney, Texas, Janelle Cremé can aid you in guaranteeing that your online heritage is conserved and your digital properties are distributed in accordance with your desires.

What is digital estate preparation?

Digital estate preparation is the procedure of organizing and managing your digital belongings, including your online accounts, digital files, and social media profiles. It entails developing a complete plan that specifies how you want your digital properties to be handled after your demise or incapacitation.

Why is digital estate preparation important?

Many individuals have a substantial online presence, including social media profiles, online bank accounts, digital music and movie collections, and even cryptocurrency. If you do not plan for the disposition of these properties, they may be lost forever or end up in the wrong hands. Digital estate preparation can help ensure that your loved ones have access to your digital assets and can handle them appropriately.

How can a digital estate preparation attorney assist?

As a digital estate preparation attorney in McKinney, Janelle Cremé has the knowledge and experience to aid you in developing a comprehensive plan that considers all of your digital properties. She can help you identify and inventory your digital belongings and collaborate with you to determine how they should be distributed after you pass away.

Janelle can also help you create a digital will, which is a legal document that specifies how your digital properties should be handled after your demise. This can include instructions for closing or transferring your online accounts, as well as specifying who should receive your digital properties, such as your music or movie collection.

In addition to creating a digital will, Janelle can also help you select a digital executor, who is responsible for carrying out your desires regarding your digital properties. This individual should be someone you trust to handle your digital properties in a responsible and respectful manner.

What are some common digital properties?

Digital properties can include a wide range of items, including:

Email accounts
Social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Digital photos and videos
Digital music and movie collections
Online bank accounts
Domain names and websites
Online business accounts (such as eBay or Amazon seller accounts)
It is important to take inventory of all of your digital properties and consider how you want them to be handled after you pass away.


Digital estate preparation is an essential part of modern estate preparation, and Janelle Cremé, a digital estate preparation attorney in McKinney, Texas, can aid you in ensuring that your digital properties are properly handled after you pass away. With her expertise, you can develop a comprehensive plan that takes into account all of your digital properties and specifies how they should be distributed. Don't let your digital heritage be lost or mishandled – contact Janelle today to commence the digital estate preparation process.

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