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Guardianship Attorney Frisco Texas

Are you a resident of Frisco, Texas? If so, and you have minor children, it's essential to have a plan in place to ensure their care in case of your incapacity or death. That's where a guardianship attorney comes in. They can help you establish legal guardianship for your children, ensuring that they are protected and cared for according to your wishes.


Janelle Cremé, an experienced estate planning attorney, is a guardianship law specialist. She understands that your children's well-being is your top priority, and she is committed to helping you create a plan that provides for their care and protection. But what is guardianship, and why do you need a guardianship attorney?


Guardianship is a legal process that allows a designated person or entity to care for someone who is unable to care for themselves. In the case of minor children, guardianship is typically established to ensure that they are cared for if their parents are unable to do so due to death, incapacity, or absence.


The process of establishing guardianship for your children involves designating a guardian to care for them and creating a legal document outlining your wishes. This document typically includes information about the type of care you want your children to receive, such as their education, medical care, and living arrangements.


While it is possible to establish guardianship on your own, it's often advisable to work with an experienced guardianship attorney like Janelle Cremé. An attorney can help you navigate the legal process, ensure that your wishes are properly documented, and provide guidance on the best options for your specific situation.


Janelle Cremé has helped numerous families in Frisco, Texas, establish guardianship for their children. She understands the complexities of the legal system and can help you create a plan that meets your unique needs and preferences. In addition to establishing guardianship for your children, Janelle Cremé can assist you with other estate planning matters, including creating a will, establishing trusts, and planning for your own incapacity.


Working with Janelle Cremé is a smart choice if you want to establish guardianship for your children or need assistance with other estate planning matters. She has the knowledge and experience needed to guide you through the legal process and ensure that your wishes are properly documented. To schedule a consultation with Janelle Cremé, contact our office today. We are proud to serve clients in Frisco, Texas, and the surrounding areas and look forward to helping you protect your loved ones.


Guardianship Attorney Frisco Texas
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